Brichtalksbeauty's Top 10 Hot Girl Summer Makeup Picks to Slay Vacation

Being summer time fine is the highest achievement after a grueling winter & spring filled with gym workouts & meal preps!

it's official everything hot girl this summer! Your countless pinterest pins from popping hairstyles, swimsuits & waist beads will be activated! but what happens when your makeup routine is more of a homebody?

A mess chile ....thats what! Well fear not the declaration to be on point is universal so Im here to share some of my summer proof product favorites to keep you insta-fb-snap fabulous no filter necessary!

 *Disclaimer* before we get dive into the list these are my personal favorites!  Please use products at your own risk and consult a local esthetician for more details on what products can assist your skin type also remember Hydration, skin care and SPF will always change the game for a flawless makeup application all year long. But you knew that ;) 


#1 Primer 

Properly priming your face before the summer turn up is like insurance for your  makeup application! To have it and not need it is one thing; To not have it and need it is an OMG waiting to happen


  • Oily & Combo skin use - Becca Ever Matte Primer
  • Dry Skin - NYX Bare with Me Primer 

#2 Foundation & Concealer 

Everyone has their own preference of coverage and finish for foundation. My recommendation is to look as natural, fresh faced and glam as possible! This summer i'm using

  • L'Oreal infalliable fresh water foundation!  It comes equipped with spf has a soft matte finish with a slight natural glow lasting up to 24hrs true  staying power! 
  • NARS radiant long wear foundation is my medium to full glam favorite I honestly cant get enough! *i'm not yet concealer loyal to any brand so i'll update asap


#3  Eyeliner

Waterproof products are necessary for summer glam! my summer picks are

  • Wet n Wild H20 liquid liner 
  • Stilla All day eyeliner


    #4 Mascara 

    • Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara 
    • Maybelline x Makeup Shayla ( Big shot Mascara ) 


    #5 Highlighter 

    its summer time; so if they can't see your glow from the parking lot you aint poppin enough. My highlight picks are 

    • GLAM GLOW - Glow Starter & 
    • Maybelline Chrome 

    #6 Brows 

    Summer just wont be complete with brows that can't compete with the heat.

    My Goto brow choice will forever be the


    #7 Lash Adhesive 

    We know the lash game is real serious so I had to mention a game changing glue recommendation to keep your eyelash swag secure! My fave adhesives right now are 

    • Beso Adhesive 
    • Kiss - Latex free adhesive in clear

      Pair your adhesive with a pair of my mink lashes (up to 26 wears with proper care and really set the beach on fire ! shop the link below


      #8 Setting Powders 

      With so many options (I've literally tried every popular and drugstore brand)  my favorites always circles back to

      • Laura Mercier Translucent Powder & 
      • Sascha Buttercup aka my Chocolate Girl Fave 

      #9 Setting Spray 

      your extended long lasting beat this summer will probably be thanks to these glam essentials also my goto products for years

      • Urban Decay All nighter & 
      • NyX Dewy setting spray 

      #10 Lips 

      Popping lip colors are a personal expression that can't be overlooked! Get real abstract and pair with this summers neon trend.

      Favorite long wear liquid Mattes : The B.Rich Collection 

        • Say Less (Nude)
        • PYT ( Haute Pink ) 
        • Queen (Purple vibes)
        • Red Carpet Ready (Perfect Red)  shop them below 
        • Fenty Beauty - Gloss Bomb
        • Glossier - Clear or holographic


        #Bonus * Makeup Remover

        When it's all over don't forget to take the day off your skin!  No makeup wipe has been able to compare to the 

        • Neutrogena Makeup Remover cleansing wipes 

        even the most waterproof products has to bow before its greatness lol! 


        Well there you have it!  grab your hot girl summer essentials and tag me in your post! if you loved this blog which is my first ever please share it!  if you want more topics with videos to pair let me know! don't forget to like & follow me @brichtalksbeauty on #instagram and #facebook